In flight, there are no bounds and no limits, only the kind of freedom you felt as a child – exploring, discovering and traveling as far as your imagination will take you. At Aereos, that feeling inspires us every day to go above and beyond to help our customers achieve their greatest goals. Aereos is a family of four award-winning companies with over 100 years of combined service, dedicated to providing quality aircraft parts, MRO services, exceptional customer service and value.

As an organization, we are committed to learning, continuously seeking opportunities to master new and better methods — not only in repair and service technology, but also to advance turn times, ensure accuracy, improve customer service and add value.

As individuals within Aereos, we are dynamic self-starters who proactively seek solutions to customers’ problems with a sense of urgency and energy. As a team, we act with integrity, always striving to meet our commitments to our customers and one another.

And though we are driven to achieve and motivated by adventure, we never take for granted the thrill of our first flight, the trust of our customers and the genuine values upon which this company was founded.

Five companies providing world-class quality and setting the standard for customer service, efficiency and reliability.

One aim: To go above and beyond for you.

Based in Dallas / Fort Worth, Aereos operates out of locations in DFW and Miami and employs 150 highly-skilled aircraft professionals and craftsmen.

  • Pneumatics
  • Electro – mechanical
  • Hydraulics
  • Electronic Components
  • Fuel
  • Oil Actuators

Headquartered in British Columbia, Canada, the Mustang Waterlife Studio is a stone’s throw from the water’s edge. We are surrounded by fresh water, a big ocean, and all the weather the Pacific Northwest can throw at us. It’s where we have been obsessing for the last 50 years on how to protect and enhance the performance of those that share our belief; that a life on the water is better than a life on land.

We have been building inspired technical solutions for water rescue professionals, military elites, and commercial/industrial mariners for over 50 years. These serious marine users demand serious marine products. At the Mustang Waterlife Studio, we continually obsess on 3 pillars to protect and enrich the lives of our users; Float, Dry, and Enhance.

  • Life Vest
  • Life Raft
  • Rubber Boat
  • Inflatable
  • Flotation Clothing

For the new millennium, Testori has created a special organisation to fulfil the extremely high level and quality performances demanded by this peculiar market.

TESTORI AERO SUPPLY guarantees a complete service to world-wide customers supplying different interior materials, design, testing, quality control, after sale support and POA/DOA complete certifications.

TESTORI AERO SUPPLY guarantees a complete service to worldwide customers supplying different

materials, design, testing, quality control, DOA/POA certifications and after sale support.

We provide our customers with high impact of the cabin interiors to passengers, with reliable, on-time flexible, high-quality and cost-effective services.

Our mission is to exceed customers’ expectations by achieving the highest quality standard and by following the evolution of fashion.

Our know-how, experience and skills are the key elements to deliver excellence to customers.

  • Textile Materials
  • Leather Materials
  • Foams
  • Accessories

Kellstrom Defense provides distribution, maintenance, repair & overhaul, engineering & manufacturing, and program management solutions for U.S. manufactured legacy fighters, transporters, and patrol aircraft and helicopters.



We maintain long-term customer relationships in the domestic and international markets and are uniquely positioned to meet a full range of customer challenges for the defense aircraft maintenance market. Our business model is aligned with building a bundle of parts, services and solutions to meet the needs of military legacy platform operators and maintainers. We believe that our long-term OEM relationships ensure proprietary part availability, and the addition of component MRO and repair management ensure refurbishment needs are addressed. We continue to invest in licensing, proprietary tooling and unique product development to address the late-in-life needs of defense platforms where an OEM solution may no longer be available. The breadth of our solutions for these aircraft operators, across a variety of platforms, is what distinguishes our solution in the global market.



Our group of companies includes distribution, maintenance, repair and overhaul, and engineering & manufacturing divisions. We collectively collaborate with key partnerships to provide a suite of complex solutions that addresses operational readiness for end users maintaining these aging aircraft. We support legacy fixed and rotary wing aircraft including but not limited to F-5, T-38, F-16, F-15, F-18, A-10, C-130, P-3, Boeing 707 derivatives and several rotary platforms. Kellstrom Defense is headquartered in El Segundo, CA, USA, and has over 200 employees and sales representatives strategically located throughout the world.

MRO, Engineering & Manufacturing:

  • F-5
  • F-15
  • F-16
  • C-130
  • CH-47

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